Script type - how to change !?

  • Hi,

    how to change script type in V10 , I didnt recieve order from shoping cart, into gmail acount, but my costumers is recieve ( allso in gmail acount) !?? :(
    Please help me with this its urgent for me !!!
    Thanks in advance ,

  • Hello Gorg,
    your name sounds familiar :-)

    So I try to help you. But I think the attitude you have surely found himself already. Look at the screenshots to - there you can see where you need to go.

  • OMG, I go to this settings page about 15 times, but didnt see this ?( !!?
    Thanks for your time, and one more, which of scripts to choose, what you propose ?

    Thanks again, all the best,
    Update : I try all script type, but seme things happend - costumer recieve mail with order, but I NOT !!!

  • On this way, its works !? I create mail acount into my server, and now works fine!
    BTW, V10 is not *just fine* , shoping cart is too poor, no way to add more options for every product, look at TAKE A MEAL Beograd , I work on food delivery service site, but I can set more option for example - PIZZA -> I nave 4 size, and must input more option for every size ( more ham, more chease etc.) In this program, I didnt do this, and dont see way to do !?
    Please, send me your feedback about site above, I will appreciate your opinions and suggestions !

    Thanks again!!!

  • Your server has to send the your email blocked. This happens sometimes.

    X5 is not suitable for your type of shop. You have no way to combine your products.

    You can only bring in an extra additive products. For the kind of shop with a real shop system database is the right choice.

  • Its too expensive for me and my client!?
    Ill try to find some solution, :S , (as you say * life is pain !!* ), but X5 is definitly for a simple web store, not for *real store*!
    Thanks for your support, we will remain in contact !!!